Freelance Hack

In my quest to become a sought after writer, someone who has to screen their calls just to stem the flow of would-be employers crying out for their services, I realised that there’s a whole lot of work involved. Damn. But it’s ok; I’ve been told by magazines, other like-minded individuals and hundreds of websites devoted to the subject that all the hard work eventually pays off. Usually.

Frustrated Woman at Computer

So I’m starting from the beginning. Right now, I’m involved in what can only be called ‘a suspicious deal’. I’ve been asked to write a health blog through a popular freelance writing site, one of those ones where desperate writers and people just trying to make a quick buck are selling their souls (and their talents) for jobs, bidding lower and lower to win the job and increase their overall rating.

It is, as a friend involved in the music performance business so eloquently put it, a race to the bottom.

The suspicions have come from a client who is not answering simple questions like ‘do you have a specific topic in mind?’ and ‘please can you deposit funds in the escrow account so I can get started?’. And it’s for a small amount, especially when converted into the only currency I can actually use in this country.

But I know I’m going to write it anyway, because I want those ratings.


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