A Case Of The Mondays

So, last Thursday, I started watching Mike Judge’s 1999 film Office Space after spitting cold fury about working in an office myself. Within the first ten minutes, I spotted heaps of similarities between the film and my day job. Especially that bit with the printer. But it was only the first ten minutes I saw so, excited, I went home to finish it off. And I enjoyed it.

Office SpaceI like to call my place of work (and all other big corporations) the ‘Pyramid of Shit’; there’s thousands of people at the bottom doing menial tasks to support the three or so guys at the top. Sometimes, I just can’t believe the bullshit that occurs in these big businesses. Take this recent example for instance – we have a reward scheme called Star of the Month. People nominate others who they feel have worked particularly hard, and whoever wins gets a trophy made from a naked G.I Joe that’s been spray painted silver and stuck onto the marble style bottom of an actual trophy. They get to keep this on their desk.

They also get to have a quarterly lunch with the division managers. So, the next lunch date happened to be last Wednesday, and 8 or 9 people were told to come in at 8am so they could take a three and a half hour train journey to Manchester. For lunch.

When I imagine ‘lunch with the top dogs’, I think of businessmen having business meetings at fancy restaurants, maybe a bottle or two of expensive wine, and I’m sure most of you probably would as well.

No such luck.

For working really hard, the 8 or 9 Stars of the Month got food from Subway. And orange juice.


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