No Rest for the Wicked

It’s 9am UK time. Ish. The digits on the corner clock on my laptop are starting to squirm, so I can’t be sure. Woke up at 3.30am and jumped into some extreme editing: 10,000 words from my novel mercilessly culled for the good of the story plot. This was imminent. I’ve been working on the plot for a few days now, creating a frame in which to work. Since November, I’d written about 55,000 words and realised I was stuck without an ending and a few subplots that drifted into nothingness, dragging everything else along with them. There were a few weeks or general malaise, hiding under sofa cushions and watching a lot of television. So I went back. I pulled up the half-assed story plan I’d made before I started, and typed it up word for word. Then I just kept chipping away at it, changing one character for another, moving small but significant events around to make them fit. I even killed off my main character’s parents and, for the most part, got rid of his ex-wife. And that felt really, really good.


3 thoughts on “No Rest for the Wicked

    1. I can understand that; I was pretty fortunate with these two because I wasn’t particularly excited by them in the first place. They ended up just being filler, and not even good filler at that. It think it helped that it was very early because you tend not to think too much about it. You just do it

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