Competitions & Wasting Time (In That Order)

So I entered the Bristol Short Story Prize yesterday, my first big competition. Had to borrow the money for the entry fee, but hey! It was exciting. I felt like I’d had a productive day. And in some ways, I had.

I managed to finish a 300 word synopsis for the Peggy Chapman-Andrews Award which was making me tear my hair out. Aside from the fact that the first 5000 words of my novel are still at the pre-editing stage and need serious rejigging before being sent anywhere, it has such a complicated plot that I found it incredibly difficult condensing it all. Managed to finish it today though. Win.

But I started doing something less productive afterwards. I tried hunting down the amount of entries sent in the BSSP to see how many other people I was up against. I couldn’t find any solid numbers, so it was a bit of a waste of time. Time that I probably could’ve spent editing the first 5000 words of the novel.

I’m very good at wasting time, I don’t even need the internet. Today, I picked all the dead leaves off my bonsai tree so that the new buds would have more room to grow. My sister offered to make me a schedule, a proper 9-5 real working day to-do list. She’s pretty militant about scheduling. So there’s a piece of paper stuck to the wall with a detailed plan of what to do and when. It worked great – for two days – but I’m not a morning person. Nothing would really get done until the afternoon. So I’ve just been waking up in the afternoon instead. Much better.

Another thing I’ve been doing is loitering over on the facebook page of Great Old Ones Publishing checking out the new additions to the Bugs anthology. After checking out a few author websites and blogs, I realised a few people had written short anecdotes about their stories, what inspired them etc, and they were actually pretty cool to read. I never thought about doing this, but I think I’ll have to start. Unless the thing that inspired me really boring – no one needs that… So, when it comes out, I’ll take five minutes out of my day and use it to not only plug the book, but to share the story behind the story. It’s pretty weird though, I’ll warn you now. With a title like ‘The Flea Jar‘, it couldn’t not be…


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