Three Is the Magic Number…

After spending three weeks working out how to use Scrivener, plotting scenes, choosing characters, visualising sexual trysts and drowning kids in lakes over and over again in my head, drinking Pepsi like it was Red Bull and not sleeping, it’s finally done. Three weeks ago, I got an email about the Sir Peter Ustinov Television Scriptwriting Award, which ticked three boxes: it’s for writer’s under thirty, who live outside of the US and, probably most importantly, it’s free to enter.

I was still going at 3am last night and only today, deadline day, did I finish the final three requirements for entry – script summary, personal bio and scanning the entry form. And of course whizzing through the script trying to spot any last minute mistakes.

Side note: I really hate writing script summaries, or summaries of anything. I’m really crap at it – anyone got any tips??

But overall, so pleased to have sent in my hot off the press 1-hour TV pilot ‘Kingfisher’ – even if it doesn’t get past the summary stage, I’ve got something to work with. Happy days.


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