October Horror Writing Challenge

BathtubOctober has arrived and it deserves to be celebrated. Halloween is by far my favourite time of year. It’s better than Christmas, Easter and even on some occasions, my birthday (although with each passing year that’s apparently not an uncommon feeling). It’s the best time of year to see new horror films in the cinema, or to re-live the classics on TV. There are also more sweets and chocolate in the house, which is self-explanatory.

With the spirit of Halloween coming back to chez Cummins like an old friend, we’ve cracked out the severed limbs, shrunken heads and other Halloween paraphernalia. I’ve already started pencilling in the UK release dates of films like Annabelle, The Babadook and As Above So Below. One of the sisters and I are also trying to catch up with the 3rd season of American Horror Story in time for the 4th, which comes out over here on the 21st. There aren’t enough hours in the day.

As well as all the films, I’ve borrowed from the Story A Day challenge in May and set myself a month long horror writing challenge: 1 complete horror story or poem a day. They’ll be probably be wacky, over-the-top and rough as hell, but by the time Halloween rocks up I’ll be 31 stories richer.

Spooky discussions with the family also started a series of scribbled notes relating to a horror screenplay idea I’m playing around with, about a friend of mine and all the weird things that have happened to her. So I’ll be gathering useful titbits for that throughout the month. If you’re not into horror so much but still like pretty dark stuff, check out the very first edition of Grimdark Magazine (out Oct 1st), which has a collection of amazing stories from Mark Lawrence, Adrian Tchaikovsky and Gerri Leen to name a few. I meant to whip up a blog post about jumping onto the GdM team as a slush reader but never actually got round to it… Probably because we’ve been reading so many great stories from both well known and completely new authors, so it’s been hard to do much else. NOTE: If you’re not sure what Grimdark is, check out my article in the e-zine!

Finally, the Bugs anthology from Great Old Ones Publishing is nearing its final stages and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. As well as my own story The Flea Jar (shameless self promotion over) there’s a whole stack of other stories that, from the titles alone, sound downright disturbing. Fingers crossed it’s released this month so I can add reading it to the month long celebrations!


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