Guest Judge for Dark Futures Fiction

It’s been a busy month. I’ve polished up a script and entered it into the Scriptapalooza TV competition, panic edited a micro fiction piece for Apex Magazine at the very last minute, and am working on a fiddly research project for a family member. All this while trying to stick to my story-a-day horror writing challenge. Needless to say I’ve slipped a little, but that’s ok. It’s all about prioritising your workload. And I’ve written a few scribbled first drafts, far more than I might have done without setting myself the challenge.

As well as all this, I’m also a guest judge for a Dark Futures Fiction writing challenge this month, so go check it out!

Theme: British Countryside
Max word count: 2,500
Deadline: November 1st   Deadline Extended: November 30th

**Note: This competition was cancelled due to lack of entries! Sorry folks : ( **

Prize: $15 & publication on Dark Futures website

I look forward to reading your stories!


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