Happy November

giveCoverOur World of HorrorNovember has been a crazy one. Good crazy. All of the team at Grimdark Magazine are busy preparing for issue #2 which should be out in January. There’ll be an article discussing grimdark on the big (and small!) screen co-written by myself and Kyle Massa nestled amongst all the fantastic stories that have been lined up.

In other news, I received acceptances for two of my short stories to appear in a couple of very exciting anthologies and I can’t wait to get my hands on them, even though I’ll have to wait until next year.

The first story, entitled ‘Babymaker’ will be appearing in GIVE: An Anthology of Anatomical Entries from When The Dead Books. I loved writing it and hope others enjoy reading it.

‘The Club’ has found a home in Eldritch Press’ Our World of Horror anthology. I’m v. excited about this little baby and it’s my first pro-pay sale, which is always a positive. This was one of the first horror stories I wrote and it lingered in submission no-man’s land for some time, so it’s nice to have finally found a home for it.

Eldritch Press released a partial TOC a few months ago, and I am delighted to be joining these excellent authors currently working the horror circuit.

Here’s the TOC so far:

John Grant –  Short Story -“Too Late”
Patrick Freivald – Short Story – “Trophy Hunt”
Jacqueline Seewald – Short Story- “A Message from the Company”
Michael Bailey – Short Story – “Fix”
Aaron Gudmunson – Short Story – “Range”
Rose Blackthorn – Short Story – “Beneath the Shadows of the Red-Leafed Maple ”
Jason Andrew –Short Story – “A Pattern Recgonized in the Stars”
Robert Essig – Short Story – “High Fashion”
Michael Carter – Short Story – “Lach Nach N’Gai, With Salad”
Sydney Leigh – Poetry – “Come as you are”
Michelle Scalise – Poetry – “Red” and “Sylvia of the Flames”
Suzanne Church – Short Story – “Morgue Sand”
Jimmy Hernandez – Short Story – “Delerium”
Kristi DeMeester – Short Story – “The Tracks”
Lloyd Lee Barnett – Poetry – “The Serpent Tongue” and “The Diner Bell”
David Tallerman – Short Story – “Br(other)”
Gerry Huntman – Short Story – “The Crab Woman”
Rissa Cortez – Poetry – “Inked Tides” and “Silent Witness”


2 thoughts on “Happy November

    1. Yes, Jacqueline, you’re right – I was so disappointed when it was cancelled 😦 Here’s hoping all the selected tales found or will find good homes.

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