Pre-Order issue #2 of Grimdark Magazine today!

GdM issue #2 CoverSo, we’re nearing the new year and the second ever issue of Grimdark Magazine! It’s been a fun half a year getting to really know the main players in this particular subgenre of fantasy, and I’ve had the opportunity to read some truly great stories from new and established authors alike.

The following has been pinched from the GdM website and tweaked a little so it’s not a carbon copy. It’s not laziness; it’s just the holidays…

Coming up in issue #2 there are three short stories for your New Year’s Day/hungover-blob-on-the-sofa entertainment. From Writers of the Future winner T.R. Napper we’ve got a hard bitten sci-fi piece where George, a cage fighter, finds himself under the heavy boot of Hope Corporation in The Line. Next up is another sci-fi piece — a tip of the glass to MMORPGs — where a young drone pilot works through his boyhood issues in a storm of rockets in Aaron Fox-Lerner’s Drone Strikes for Fun and Profit. Finally, the one that has the Bakkerfans going berserk, the first of two installments in R. Scott Bakker’s The Knife of Many Hands.


  • An excerpt of Richard K Morgan’s recently released The Dark Defiles, featuring Egar Dragonbane and one insult too many.
  • Interviews with Kameron Hurley and Richard K Morgan
  • Reviews of Rob J. Hayes’ The Heresy Within and Karen Miller’s The Falcon Throne.
  • Article: Grimdark Onscreen co-written by myself and Kyle Massa.

All that for only $2.99 AUD!

Editor-in-chief Adrian has also put together a few competitions and a kick ass bundle deal where you can purchase issues ONE & TWO for 25% off the total retail price, so go check ’em out already!

Pre-order now to make sure your issue is delivered on time to help with the New Year’s hangover couch-time. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…


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