2015: The Year of Finishing

Mid-January now, uncomfortably close to my birthday and I’m having an argument with the cat about where exactly I’m allowed to put my feet. It’s taken me about twenty days to figure out what I need to work on this year and as it turns out, there’s a fair bit to be getting on with.

I’m a sporadic writer. I’ve tried to be those angelic types who gets up at the crack of dawn and writes fluidly until lunch time, has a healthy snack and writes again until real life starts banging on the door asking about dinner. But I’m not. I’m one of those ‘up at the crack of noon’ writers who farts about on the internet for a bit, checking out Kim Kardashian’s gigantic photoshopped arse and link surfing on Twitter. Then maybe my friend invites me out for a walk with her dogs in the afternoon. Can’t refuse that; that’s exercise and socialising IN ONE. That’s saving me time, isn’t it?

To be fair to myself, my sleeping patterns have been off the charts recently. And today and yesterday have been surprisingly well organised, with bits of things being done over a period of several hours. I can’t work on one project at a time, it just doesn’t work for me. I get bored way too easily. But I’ve decided to make some changes:

Being part of my first ever writing group (sort of)
It’s not quite my first, but it also is. This month marks the first attempt at a real writing group for real people, which I’ll be commandeering and gently hassling my writer friends into playing character games and doing quickfire freewriting exercises to get the juices flowing. Ro McNulty will be hosting, which is good because our house is filthy and the internet is constantly on the fritz. He’s written in several places across the internet that he’s expecting me to be too tipsy to take the cap off my pen, but I think he’s just nervous about reading his stuff out loud.

2015: The Year of Finishing
I’ve decided 2015 is the Year of Finishing, and in the spirit of it, have tidied up all my short story files on the USB. I’ve a dedicated folder of short horror/sci-fi tales that need more editing, polishing and re-reading before they can be sent out into the world. I’ll also be attempting to finish The Big One – a novel I created in a NaNo frenzy two years ago, just to see if I could, and put on the back burner. Fortunately I’ve managed to secure some prime real estate on the west coast of Ireland (thanks Nanny M) for a month so there’ll be no distractions.

Because I like to keep busy/am a masochist, I’ve penciled in finishing off two of my screenplays, Adrian’s Island and Glastonburied, which is easier said than done. There are a couple of screenplays floating around in Screencraft and Scriptapalooza competitions so am keeping my fingers crossed but not holding my breath. It’s a slow process, but all you can do is keep at it. A little talent and a lot of luck can go a long way…

So there’s a lot to do, and I’m sure lots of ideas for stories, novels, screenplays and God knows what else will pop up like mushrooms in the woods when all I want to do is concentrate on things I’ve already started. These will be noted and gently ushered out the door to the back of the queue.


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