Prep Work & Poetry

My self imposed writer’s retreat is looming and I don’t feel even remotely prepared – how quickly does time go anyway? My to-do list isn’t getting smaller either. I’ve got to re-read the first draft of my still untitled novel, the sole reason for me going in the first place. There’s also a couple of university assignments (both due when I’m away), getting the Grimdark Magazine 2nd reads folder into shape before the fantastic Cheresse Burke takes over for the month, and sorting out my tax stuff so it’s ready for when I return (joy).

Elsewhere, it’s “good news everyone!” on the submissions front this month. The Saturday Evening Post bought another short story of mine called ‘Quiz Night at the Jamaica Inn’ for their Fiction Friday segment online. It’s a quirky take on the traditional ghost story, set in and around the infamous Jamaica Inn, Cornwall. Check it out here. Also, my dark poem ‘Sleep Is Just An Open Relationship With Death’ will be in issue #31 of Sanitarium Magazine on March 20th (so roughly 3 days away depending on where you are in the world right now!). There’s two firsts in there: it’s my first ever poetry submission and my first piece in a British publication. I actually wrote it as part of my last uni assignment, so I’m pretty chuffed that it’s managed to find a home so soon. I’ll definitely be taking more of an interest in poetry now…

I’ve a couple of stories floating around in submission limbo; two set in Ireland and some shorter flash horror pieces. Maybe I’ll hear back before I get on the plane, maybe not until I get there. I feel like the salty tang of the North Atlantic Ocean will help with the sting of rejection, although to be honest, rejections don’t make me wince as much as they used to – which is probably a damn good thing…


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