Empty Oaks

Grimdark Magazine Issue #5 Cover

As we say goodbye to May, it’s time to reflect. I’ve been relaxing and enjoying spending time away from the laptop this month, which has been great for the garden but terrible for my personal time sheet. A slow month for submissions (only four, according to the Great Spreadsheet) and my To-Do list is out of shape. But bigger projects have had my full attention. Right now I’m working on a book proposal for a humour/gift book idea I came up with years ago called How To Pee Quietly; revising and putting the final touches on my TV pilot before it goes back out into the wild, and helping my friend and fellow writer Ro McNulty with his new non-profit ezine, Empty Oaks. He’s kindly roped me in to be Assistant Editor/PR person/General dogsbody (but I reckon he trusts my judgement, so we’re cool). Empty Oaks is also currently open for submissions for the inaugural issue, release date TBC, so check out the guidelines here. We’re also on Twitter (who isn’t?) at @emptyoakzine.

In other news, my copy of Mar/Apr Fantasy & Science Fiction finally came, after stopping off in Ireland where it was hastily posted over to the UK. I’ve ordered the latest edition of Black Static and my contributor copies of GIVE are on their way, so I’m feeling a little spoiled in the reading department. Might be tempted to start writing reviews, so we’ll see how that goes…Onwards and upwards into June!


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