Happy One Year Anniversary Grimdark Magazine!

Grimdark Magazine Issue #4I’m a little behind with everything it would seem, including my own blog announcements for the latest editions of Grimdark Magazine. So! It’s been roughly one year since Grimdark Magazine began and the team is busy celebrating all over social media, coming up with new competitions and ideas to kickstart the second year.

Grab the latest issue (Issue #4) here or indulge in a special first year bundle pack with ALL FOUR issues for only $9.99!

Alongside some stellar cover art from Jason Deem entitled Symbiosis, Issue #4 contains more grit and grimness than ever before in the form of:

Short stories:
Shady characters converge on a powerful relic in Brazen Dreams by Matthew Ward whilst Tara Calaby asks “what happens after happily ever after” in Ashes. Read Redemption Waits by Mike Brooks, a story set in his Keiko universe (Dark Run) and feast your eyes on a Steelhaven short story by Richard Ford, The Halfwyrd’s Burden.

A Crown for Cold Silver by Alex Marshall
The Liar’s Key by Mark Lawrence

The Vagrant by Peter Newman

Peter V. Brett
Brandon Sanderson

The Mud, the Blood and the Years by Ragnarok and Orbit author John R. Fultz


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