The Great Beta Reader Turns Enforcer


After a long spell of essay-writing and reading-for-study (which is still ongoing, until early June at least), there has been very little writing for fun.

Fortunately, I have a very hands-on assistant who we all know as the Great Beta Reader, i.e. I’ve mentioned her before. She’s a real person, not a voice, although in some circles she’s known as The Mouth.

Over a cup of tea and a ciggie (otherwise known as an informal meeting), and with both of us bored of my whining about my apparent lack of enthusiasm for anything anymore, it was decided that I needed a set of regular, enforceable goals.

Enter Goals.

The new goal is to write 500 words of fiction, whatever takes my fancy, and have it on the Great Beta Reader’s desk (virtual or physical desk, whichever’s most convenient) by 5pm on Friday or I have to pay her five pounds. Every week.

And that’s it.

For the past few weeks, it’s been working quite nicely. I’m excited about writing, and it’s so small, and manageable, and doable, that not even I can find an excuse not to do it.

Plus, it saves me five pounds.



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