Published Stuff

Short Stories

The Sea Children     The Saturday Evening Post (June 2017)

Automaton     Phantaxis Magazine Issue #4 (Feb 2017)

The Flea Jar (reprint)     The Prison Compendium (Dec 2016)

Wife is Such an Ugly Word       Infernal Ink Magazine (Apr 2016)

Turbulence    Crannóg Magazine Issue 42 (Jun 2016)

Catacombs        COMMUTE: Short Bursts of Terror, Vol. 1 (Aug 2015)

Babymaker      GIVE: An Anthology of Anatomical Entries (May 2015)

Quiz Night at the Jamaica Inn     The Saturday Evening Post (Mar 2015)

The Flea Jar      Bugs: Tales That Slither, Creep & Crawl (Oct 2014)

Golden Ticket    The Saturday Evening Post (Feb 2014)

Glass                 100 Doors to Madness (Apr 2013)


Milk Carton Kids   HelloHorror (April 2016)

Sleep Is Just An Open Relationship With Death   Sanitarium Magazine Issue 31